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windows computer optimization

- run>msconfig>startup>uncheck not needed programs

- control panel>programs and features>un-install any unknown software / not used software, also look for no name publisher software.

- msconfig>services>hide Microsoft services>uncheck updater>uncheck no name publisher services> uncheck not needed services.

- local disk>program data>delete>skip anything that refuses to delete


- local disk>users>target account>app data>delete all inside>skip anything that refuses to delete.

- local disk>program files & (x86)>delete previously installed program folders.

- Right click local disk>disk cleanup

- right click local disk>tools>disk defragment

- right click local disk>error checking.

- run a virus scanner. (removed after use)

- run spybot 2 (web browser cleaner) - (remove after use)

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